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 Final Fantasy VIII for PC Download

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy VIII for PC Download   Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:57 am

In yet another small, and unnamed world, trouble begins to brew over these new and hasrh landscapes. Wars are frequently started, fought, lost and won by all of the regions of the world, but this time, more than countries are at stake, this time, it could mean the end of everything. A Witch named Edea is leading the world into a state of chaos, and beginning more wars. Military academies are starting all over the map, called "Gardens." Warriors in Gardens are trained well in the ways of the military, so that they will one day attend SeeD, an elite military academy for gifted children, I suppose. This is precisely where you come in. In this 8th installment of the Final Fantasy series, you begin the game as Squall Leonhart, a brooding hero who is once again, exceedingly emo. Through conflicts in the game, including rivalry amongst friends, fighting insane witches, war, and even dating, Squall will soon become the leader he never wanted to be.


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Final Fantasy VIII for PC Download
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